How To Make Your First Million In Real Estate

90% of millionaires have made their money in real estate. The first goal most have when they start investing in real estate is making that first million and becoming a millionaire.

Sun – Towers – Metrotown

Unity U-District – Abbotsford

JESSI’S Winter 2020 Real Estate Update

Let’s compare winter 2019 to 2020 statistics for Metro Vancouver. Jan 2020 to Jan 2019 for “detached homes” ~ Inventory is down 26% ~ Sales are up 30% How about December… ~ Inventory is down 22% [...]

Horizon 21 – Coquitlam

Fiorella – Richmond

How to earn over 50% ROI (return on investment) in real estate!

How to earn over 50% ROI (return on investment) in real estate! Watch the video and review the calculations at the end. Pause the video if you need more time to see the numbers. Ask me any time [...]

Fleetwood Point – Surrey

Do you make your bed every day?

Make your bed daily and prepare for tomorrow, today. Thank me later.


The DAILY! Dear friends, check out what I do to ensure success each day and consider implementing this into your daily life, it really works! I will post a picture of what I print each morning.

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